November 30, 2018







P|Art Ibiza celebrates fifth year by spotlighting some of gallery’s most signature pieces

The group show features sculptures, paintings and photos that have electrified world capitals like Seoul, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris

Friday 30 November at 7.00pm, P| Art Ibiza gallery will pull the curtain back on ‘5º Aniversario’, a group exhibit celebrating five years in the game by turning the spotlight on some of the most emblematic work that has graced the gallery over the years. ‘5º Aniversario’ represents a showcase—not only of artists but of styles as well, ones that have defined half a decade of collaborative exhibits and turned P| Art Ibiza into one of Europe’s true cultural hubs.

To celebrate the anniversary of the gallery’s 2013 launch, promotor Patrizia Longarini trawled through the gallery vaults for iconic pieces by a multiplicity of artists—Xooang Choi, Okuda San Miguel, Carole Feuerman, Carlos Tárdez, Léo Caillard, Felipao, Miguel Vallinas, Jesús Curia and Sebastián Reig Brau—whose work has prompted voyages to Seoul, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. “In our years on the island, we’ve sweat blood and tears to get first-time visits from so many internationally-acclaimed A-list artists that we had to stop counting”, explains Longarini. “Our goal was to put Ibiza on the map in terms of art and snag high-flying names from the world stage”, she adds, “and we wouldn’t have done it without the help of plastic artists, both here in Spain and half a world away, who have come back and shown interest year after year”. “Taking the beauty of Ibiza to another level artistically and culturally is something we’re proud of”, confides Longarini, who describes the gallery’s work as “turning heads and winning hearts with socially engaged programming that sees art as a tool to build awareness”. In five years, Longarini has been responsible for a raft of charity auctions, not to mention fundraisers to protect the environment, support disadvantaged groups and encourage pet adoption.

‘5º Aniversario’ will be on view until 30 January at Ca Na Negreta’s P| Art Ibiza gallery.