I was born in Gijón, a small town with a wonderful beach of orange sand and 4 km. in the north of Spain. In winter I liked to draw on wet sand and collect shells and crabs from the rocks. The beach was an immense natural playground. In summer I enjoyed the freezing water and the waves in a cold and arid sea.

That’s how I learned to have respect for that sea and to love it. The big drawings in the sand continued on paper and with 14 years old I had my first painting class.

The brushes have been my life and the search for art has been something natural and necessary. Later I started painting following an idea small projects in which to tell stories. Curiously and unconsciously now that I look back, there have always been water-related issues: beach huts, people on the seashore, the life of plants and fish in ponds, collages of nets, and so on. In my most recent works, I have tried to concentrate on the human body and its beauty. I’m not looking for perfect bodies but for their authenticity. The need to express life, movement, feeling and stories.