Ramón Tormes was born in salamanca (Spain) on march 3 of 1963. From very young, and thanks to what part of his family is in the Dominican Republic, happens in the Caribbean long seasons cautivated by its culture and nature. Tropicalism that is reflected in its current works. He studied at the school of applied arts in Salamanca. In the early 90’s he moved to ibiza where he spent almost 6 years filling his desires to enjoy life to the fullest, and later, with his life bag already full of experiences, he returns to his native Salamanca where he begins a new stage as a landscape artist and florist. And where he continues to lead viveros Tormes after 20 years. In 2013 after making the cover for the magazine Es Madrid no Madriz decides to present his works in a professional way. Sponsored by the artists Rubenimichi, the designer Carlos Díez Díez, the designer María Escoté and the illustrator Abe the Ape, publishes a unique book, life and color with what will be his first great exhibition.