Halfway between the toy and sculpture, realistic and truculent as in the stage of a theater, the characters of Samuel Salcedo (Barcelona, 1975) unleash our imagination taking it directly from the domains of fantasy literature, comics and the first cinema , to that of puppet theater and popular festivals, and from there, back to that last-minute art whose questioning falls heavily on the identity of today’s man. Like many other artists who travel the broad lane of contemporary figuration (Enrique Marty, Eugenio Merino, MP & MP Rosado …), Salcedo mistreats the human body, humiliating, mutilating, disfiguring and even forcing it to exist beyond life in those moon-heads stacking like potatoes in a bucket. Along with the mastery of industrial materials, its great imitative capacity of forms, textures and tonalities stands out, as well as the verismo of the facial and corporal expressions of its characters. Applying intelligently the logic of the mask, makeup and disguise, Samuel Salcedo addresses the anomaly, the sense of humor -in the exhibitionists sheltered in the heads of Minnie and Micky Mouse-, the abject and even mocks life -with those heads-stumps that irritate the tongue-, signing a fresh, scathing, tender and very human gallery of monsters.