Silvio Alino is a mainly self-taught pop artist. Born in Romania in 1980, he experimented with various painting techniques and art forms from an early age, this being his natural way of expressing himself. After graduation he decides to move and live in Barcelona, around 14 years ago and starts to travel more extensively.

Needless to say that Barcelona and Spain teach him a lot about its modern masters Dali and Picasso and show him the beauty of street art, but his fascination with Andy Warhol and pop art in general leads him to explore the pop culture more and more.

His art reflects the undeniable feeling of the ’80s revival pop and often you find himself using the mass media image library freely to inspire and complement his works. A carefully curated selection of contemporary and iconic imagery is being reused and reproduced by the artist with the intention to emphasise the culture of abundance, colour and consumerism we live in.

Silvio’s general knowledge in art and his active involvement in current street art trends has helped him become one of the important figures in Barcelona and starting with 2014 he is also teaching young students about history of street art and the important role that Barcelona plays into street art scenery around the world.

In 2015 four of iconic artworks from his latest series called “Pop Icon” were chosen by Madonna herself as part of the “Rebel Heart” backdrop video during the “Rebel Heart World Tour”.