Tvboy is an Italian based in Barcelona. He started painting in the streets of Milan in 1996. In 2004 he moved to Barcelona, city where he settled his studio and founded the “Urban Pop Art” movement. He has displayed his artworks in many different countries both in the street or in art gallery and museum exhibitions. The Italian creator’s street art has served as cover material for countless publications, and one piece in particular, hatched in Barcelona in celebration of Sant Jordi Day, depicts Guardiola and Mourinho locked in embrace.

Apart from exhibitions in galleries like Legart Novara, in Italy, TVBoy has shared wall space with celebrated Pop Art masters Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstei, not to mention city-dwelling contemporaries like Banksy, Obey, Mr Brainwash, Kaws and Blek Le Rat. The artist has masterminded shows and controversial street art in metropolises such as London, Miami, Las Vegas, Copenhagen, Munich, Berlin, Beirut, Bern, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Naples and Florence and portrayed public personalities like the Pope, painters Diego Velázquez and Dalí and world leaders Nelson Mandela and Angela Merkel.