July 20, 2018






The art gallery P | Art Ibiza will bring to the island its most transgressive exhibition: “Cracked”, destined to break stereotypes.

A total of five artists make up this collective exhibition in which the protagonists “drink a new reckless art” that speaks “of the speed of the current world”.

P | Art Ibiza will premiere next Friday, July 20, its new exhibition “Cracked”, the most groundbreaking exhibition that has hosted this consolidated art gallery to date. In it, its creative director Patrizia, has selected five artists who represent “an internal movement of art that is changing in the form of colors that break and divide the stereotypes to return something visible.” For the gallery owner Patrizia, these painters, photographers, sculptors and graphic designers “drink from a new art that is a little reckless and represents a vision in the movement making direct references to the rapid flows of the current world”.

A date in which the Ibizan public will be able to approach the work of Xooang Choi, a Korean artist whose works stand out for the presence of flesh color achieved in marble, designed to show their concerns about the human condition in society; René Mäkelä, whom Instagram has taken to paint in mansions of the most important celebrities in the world, such as the football star Cam Newton, the model Cara Delevigne or the sportsman Jorge Lorenzo; Léo Caillard, who shows how classical sculptures break into the 21st century by reinterpreting them in a modern key; Eduardo Romaguera, who will bring his series “City”, with which the painter interprets the high-speed evolution of the city; and Andoni Beristain, a versatile artist based on a compendium of color, humor and intelligence combined with a well-polished aesthetic. Works “that seek to make think, feel and excite those who contemplate and may be visited until September 21,” as Patrizia has specified.