May 24, 2018










TVBoy Guest List

P | Art Ibiza presents ‘TVBoy Guest List’, the internationally-acclaimed graffiti artist’s Spanish gallery début.

TVBoy, the street-wise artist behind some of the world’s most treasured works of urban art, gears up to show portraits of world-famous DJs as part of ‘Miscelánea’.

On 22 June at 8.00pm, P | Art Ibiza will pull the curtain back on ‘TVBoy Guest List’, a capsule exhibition included in ‘Miscelánea’ and helmed by the globally-cherished graffiti artist TVBoy. The Italian creator’s street art has served as cover material for countless publications, and one piece in particular, hatched in Barcelona in celebration of Sant Jordi Day, depicts Guardiola and Mourinho locked in embrace. “We’re honoured to have such a rule-breaking, talented artist among our ranks”, gushed gallery owner Patrizia Longarini. To top it off, TVBoy has pledged an on-the-spot, in-person creation to crown the show’s Ibiza opening, an event where acclaimed DJ Sebastián Gamboa is also expected to tear up the turntables ahead of his Vintage Ibiza party.

Featured pieces at the P | Art Ibiza show span portraits of  world-renowned DJs David Guetta, Carl Cox, Steve Aoki and Sven Väth, tributes to the recently departed Avicii and Angel Nieto, and other images.

The current exhibition is the first of its kind in Spain for the Italian native. Apart from exhibitions in galleries like Legart Novara, in Italy, TVBoy has shared wall space with celebrated Pop Art masters Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstei, not to mention city-dwelling contemporaries like Banksy, Obey, Mr Brainwash, Kaws and Blek Le Rat. The artist has masterminded shows and controversial street art in metropolises such as London, Miami, Las Vegas, Copenhagen, Munich, Berlin, Beirut, Bern, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Naples and Florence and portrayed public personalities like the Pope, painters Diego Velázquez and Dalí and world leaders Nelson Mandela and Angela Merkel.

At home in Barcelona since 2004, the graf artist transfixed inhabitants of his adoptive hometown with ‘El Amor es Ciego’ (Love is Blind), a piece which imagined a kiss between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of April’s classic Madrid-Barça face-off. Another, more recent piece depicting an embrace shared by Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho is titled ‘Amor Omnia Vincit’ (Love Conquers All).

Cooked up by the artist as a P | Art Ibiza exclusive, TVBoy Guest List focuses its gaze on the electronic music world and its leading figureheads and offers up images of some of the world-dominating DJs that spin before Ibiza crowds.

Sebastián Gamboa’s house classics

Going on eight seasons with Lío Ibiza’s sophisticated blend of classic house bangers, Sebastián Gamboa is an unavoidable presence on the Ibiza nightclub scene.  Gamboa’s trademark house sets at Vintage are unforgettable, plus, this year, the Dj Award winner and four-time nominee for the distinction of Ibiza’s Greatest DJ is bringing the beats to P | Art Ibiza for the Miscelánea opening.

Ibiza-based Sebastián Gamboa began spinning records on the island in 1990 and has turned heads the world over ever since. Today, whether he’s gigging in the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, USA or across Europe, Gamboa is a top-tier pro.


7 of the most important artists of the world artistic scene participate in “Miscelánea”, the summer exhibition of P | Art Ibiza

Names like Carole Feuerman, Paloma Rincón and Xooang Choi will be exhibiting between May and July in the gallery of Ca na Negreta, where they will share space with emerging artists of great projection

The gallery P | Art Ibiza will host from next May 24 at 7:00 pm its new summer exhibition, “Miscelánea”, which brings together the works of seven of the artists with more presence in the current international artistic scene. A sample that will be enlivened by the jazz music of Muriel Grossmann Quartet. Following the line of work of the last four years, the gallery of Ca na Negreta promotes the work of painters, sculptors and established photographers, as well as emerging with great projection.

“Miscelánea” will feature works by Carole Feuerman, considered in the United States as the most important hyperrealist sculptor of the moment. An affirmation that is made thanks to its presence in the permanent collections of 19 museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Hermitage of St. Petersburg, in Russia or the Venice Biennial, in Italy. P | Art Ibiza together with Bel-Air Fine Art London are the only two galleries in Europe that sell works by this artist.

Another artist who will exhibit during these dates in P | Art Ibiza, and who does it for the first time in Europe, is the sculptor Xooang Choi, whose works stand out for the presence of flesh color achieved in marble, which allows the artist to show the sculptor’s concerns about the human condition in society. To achieve this, the artist modifies the proportions of the human characters or isolates the parts of the body and takes them out of context creating disturbing and stimulating pieces that explore human rights, discrimination, the pathological state of society, isolation, loneliness and sexual and gender policies, among other topics.

The sculpture will also have European representation by the hand of two Italian artists Rabarama and Alex Pinna. The first shows sculptures with men, women and hybrid and eccentric creatures. With an artistic career full of successes, in 2011 Rabarama was present at the Venice Biennale with a monumental work, entirely made of Carrara marble. His works have also been exhibited in some of the world’s art capitals such as Paris, Florence, Cannes, Miami and Shanghai.

Alex Pinna, meanwhile, has been the protagonist, since 1993, of several individual and collective exhibitions in several Italian cities, and also in Shanghai, Tel Aviv, London, New York, Los Angeles and Monte Carlo, in others. Known for exhibitions such as the octagon Miraggi of the Vittorio Emanuele gallery in Milan, I look at you, I look at the Rotella Foundation in Catanzo or the Gallery of Italian sculpture in the Ronchini gallery in London.

Photography will also have a great presence in this exhibition by the hand of Maria Svarbova, a Slovak artist who, since 2010, has become one of the most internationally recognized photographers, establishing new precedents in each of her works. Awarded numerous prizes, her individual and collective exhibitions have placed her among the vanguard of her contemporaries, attracting international publications such as Vogue, Forbes and The Guardian. Draws attention to the great reception that their works have on social networks, where the public constantly praises their work.

The Mexican Paloma Rincón will invite the viewer to participate in their visual games, at the intersection where photography meets sculpture, design and illustration. With experience in advertising from the hand of brands such as Toyota, Ikea, Samsung, Playstation, Renfe, Estrella Damm and Universal Music, among others, Rincón manages, through a playful and contemporary approach, to give their images shapes, textures, materials, light and color that combine to live in harmony within fine, rich and detailed graphic compositions.

To finish, the painting will be represented by the Spanish artist Sala Sanz. Currently resident in Valencia, this zaragozana began working in 2004 with different galleries in the national context coming into contact with a characteristic pop surrealism. In these years he has participated in international fairs in London, Switzerland and Madrid. He has also exhibited in several cities in the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States and Spain, making known his work in several magazines and newspapers.

“Miscelánea” seeks to surprise the public that attends this exhibition, which will be in force and open to the public until July 20, in which it offers for viewing and sale the work of artists who have a lot to tell and who has formed with the gallery a link already consolidated.