March 23, 2018





P | ART IBIZA presents its new collective exhibition “N27″ with new international artists such as Blanesth and Carlos Tárdez.

The renowned gallery also hosts in this show the new works of prestigious figures with whom he works exclusively in the Balearics as Sebastià Reig Brau or Miguel Vallinas.

P | Art Ibiza will open next Friday, March 23 from 19:00 hours its new exhibition “N27″ in which the artist Blanesth and the painter and sculptor Carlos Tárdez will present their work for the first time on the island, both with an important recognition all over the world will be added to this collective exhibition that also has new works by resident artists who work exclusively with this gallery Sebastià Reig Brau and Miguel Vallinas. According to the gallery owner, Patrizia Longarini, “we are proud to bring to Ibiza such special artists, of the highest national and international level and we continue with the same objective of discovering and exhibiting in our gallery the same art that is seen in the big cities of the world”.

P | Art Ibiza celebrates its four-year exhibition on the island of Ibiza, its twenty-seventh exhibition in this title where the Oviedo-born painter and resident of Luxembourg, Blanesth, brings her work “Haneyeo”, which tells the story of life in the first person from a group of women lung divers, seafood fishermen from Jeju Island in South Korea. Longarini specifies that “his paintings give us his vision of these strong women with oils where the color comes out of the darkness of the sea and takes us to a unique world”. The artist and sculptor from Madrid, Carlos Tárdez, also incorporates his work. He has developed his career with individual and collective exhibitions at the national and international levels, and he also has a notable participation in several Plastic Arts contests, among which the Medal of Honor in the Prize stands out. BMW of Painting. The irony, the concept of banality and symbolism, coexist in a figurative work that adapts to realism, often drawing on the animal as a vehicle of expression and nurturing its sculpture of mythological and iconographic revision together with the reuse of objects everyday According to the gallerist, “the study that Carlos Tárdez puts into the void as a striking characteristic of his paintings in which he uses a being in a neutral or colored background, to highlight the subject he retracts, is very interesting.”

Likewise, “N27″ also welcomes the new works of consolidated artists and residents in the gallery such as photographer Miguel Vallinas Prieto, who continues to reflect on the identity, existence and choice of the individual or Sebastià Reig Brau, a sculptor who presents his characters magical, with circus and dreamy air. As Longarini expresses “both continue to experience a very exciting and productive artistic resource, always dynamic in the search for something original and new.” “N27″ will seek to surprise the public that attends this exhibition, which will be current and open to the public until the 23rd. May, which offers for viewing and sale the work of artists who have a lot to tell and who has formed a link with the gallery already consolidated.
The opening of this Friday, March 23 is open to the public and will also host a cocktail for attendees.