P|ART IBIZA invites 3 PUNTS Gallery

P|ART IBIZA invites 3 PUNTS Gallery

April 5th, 2019






The art gallery “3Punts” of Barcelona, lands in Ibiza in a collective exhibition of contemporary art that will be exhibited in P | Art Ibiza Gallery.

The P | Art Ibiza gallery opens the 2019 season, with a high-level exhibition.

Next April 5th at 7:30 p.m., we present a unique collaboration, the avant-garde of art comes hand in hand with the gallery “3Punts” of Barcelona, which since 1994 promotes contemporary art in its various manifestations, with artists from great professionalism and quality of works.

It is a committed gallery and its exhibitions are part of a dynamic movement in the cultural scene and do not go unnoticed.
“3Punts” participates in Art Madrid and in different international fairs.

We will have the opportunity to learn about the work of Samuel Salcedo, Silvio Alino, Kiko Miyares, Gerard Mas and Alejandro Monge, who arrive in Ibiza thanks to this collaboration with the Barcelona gallery and which represent their universe.
They manage to provoke the viewer, who finds in art that they present elements for the understanding and improvement of social reality.

Samuel Salcedo (Barcelona, 1975), sculpts the metaphor of disguise through characters that hide their true nature under the mask of an animal, although sometimes it also introduces other elements of popular culture that do not escape their irony: a bag of Ikea, a float or a Darth Vader helmet, for example. Masks with which men and women play to transform, and sometimes they take us to places quite uncomfortable where we can see ourselves reflected.

Silvio Alino (Romania, 1980), his art reflects the undeniable feeling of pop revival of the 80s. Reuses and reproduces a carefully curated selection of contemporary and iconic images with the intention of emphasizing the culture of abundance, color and consumerism in which we live.
In 2015, Madonna herself chose four of the iconic illustrations from her latest series called “Pop Icon” as part of the background video “Rebel Heart” during the “Rebel Heart World Tour”.

Kiko Miyares (Asturias, 1977), of pictorial training was accompanying his works with wood sculpture mainly. The beings represented at first are becoming raw material, elements of construction, which seek that the eye completes the altered information underlying them.
GERARD MAS (Gerona, 1976), sculptor, the irony of his works forces us to reflect. Closely linked to the ironic subversion and the transgression of reality, the sculpture of Gerard Mas, poses uncomfortable coexistences of elements that belong to different worlds.

Alejandro Monge (Zaragoza, 1988), a sculptor, shows us a scathing critique of the value of money, of its accumulation and consumption, of its use and its relationship with high powers and politics. A conceptual vision decadent of our days.

To enjoy both art with good swing, the musical group “Pin Up Sound” will perform. P | Art Ibiza, April 5 at 7:30 p.m.