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Fantastic Places To Visit In Frankfurt

Interested in art? Visit the Frankfurt Kunstverein Gallery! This gallery hosts various exhibits with modern and contemporary themes.

Romerberg Square in Munich is one of its most photogenic squares, with charming medieval houses and historic structures such as Eschenheimer Turm that make this square particularly impressive.

Horticultural paradise with themed guided tours, musical events and exhibitions throughout the year. Ginkgo trees, children’s playground and a lake with rowing and paddle boat facilities ensure its popularity year-round. And everything is available through easy access from Cathay Pacific flights.

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

Romerberg Square in Frankfurt’s Old Town is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, boasting a fountain with the statue of Justice and Old Town Hall as well as many cafes and restaurants – the perfect spot for relaxing while taking in Frankfurt’s sights! Additionally, stroll along Eiserner Steg bridge for even more impressive riverside scenery as well as historic churches!

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral stands out with its large tower that stands 328 feet high – often known as ‘Mainhattan’ due to its similarities between New York’s Manhattan and Frankfurt’s skyline. From April through October visitors can climb and experience breathtaking views from this breathtaking structure.

This Gothic cathedral was constructed to honor Saint Bartholomew. The skull of his apostle is its most precious relic. Declared an imperial cathedral by Emperor Charles IV’s Golden Bull in 1356, ten emperors were crowned there between 1562 and 1792 and it became known by its political significance as Kaiserdom or Imperial Cathedral.

Inside the cathedral you can admire its gorgeous architecture and offer your prayers. This impressive sight should be visited on a weekday to avoid crowds and climb its tower for an additional fee.

Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt is an unmissable attraction, boasting 150 food stalls to offer an exquisite variety of German cuisine – be sure to sample their signature Frankfurter Grune Sosse, made with seven herbs and egg yolks!

There’s much to experience in Frankfurt, making planning your visit worthwhile. Luckily, there are numerous online tools that can help you organize and find the best travel deals – you could even use an app like GPSmyCity to create a self-guided walking tour using your mobile device as your personal tour guide – this means no data roaming fees when abroad!

Stadel Museum

Stadel Museum is one of Germany’s finest art museums and is an essential stop for all lovers of art. The museum’s collections span European history from medieval to contemporary times, from medieval paintings through contemporary master works by Rodin and Van Gogh to sculptures made by artists like Keith Haring. Recently it underwent extensive expansion with 32,000 square feet of exhibition space being added in 2012. Additionally, Renaissance paintings as well as works by modern masters can all be found here as well as sculptures by Rodin and Van Gogh adornment of sculptures is present throughout its galleries from Renaissance paintings through contemporary master works – perfect for art enthusiasts!

Another highlight of the museum is its collection of Ancient Egyptian Art. This exhibit includes several mummies and a replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb, in addition to other fascinating displays such as Applied Arts Museum Angewandte Kunst and Deutsches Architekturmuseum which contain exhibits about architectural designs and models.

Fans of German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe should visit his family home located in Frankfurt’s historic center. Reconstructed in 1947 according to its original blueprints, it features many details which illustrate his rich family’s lifestyle – from sumptuously decorated dining rooms to the Goethe-Denkmal commemorating this famous writer just steps from Goethe’s house.

The museum features several captivating and original pieces of artwork, such as “Water Nymphs.” These bronze water nymphs depict three graces from Faust. Positioned at the edge of a fountain, each sculpture comes accompanied by a stone slab quoting passages from Goethe’s classic novel – creating an ideal photo opportunity and providing ample park surroundings.

The Museum of Applied Arts is one of Frankfurt’s top attractions, boasting an array of contemporary and modern art from such luminaries as Picasso, Matisse and Van Gogh. Additionally, its collections provide a good introduction to different artistic movements such as Romanticism or Impressionism.

Eiserner Steg Bridge

Eiserner Steg Bridge is one of the top spots to stroll in Frankfurt. Situated on the Main River and connecting Sachsenhausen district to downtown, this bridge is known for being lined with thousands of padlocks of love hung by couples from around the world to express their everlasting affection.

The bridge was initially funded and constructed by the people of Frankfurt to reduce traffic on another bridge over the Main River. Now it offers breathtaking views of downtown Frankfurt at sunset; photographers should expect many other people sharing this spot!

Although the bridge was destroyed during World War II, it was rebuilt and renovated again after WWII ended in 1946 and again in 1993. You can walk, jog or use wheelchair access across this span that’s wheelchair-accessible with stairs on both sides as well as an accessible ramp available to wheelchair users.

One of the most breathtaking places in Frankfurt and an absolute must-see, Frankfurt Cathedral stands as a symbol of power for Holy Roman Emperors since 16th century. Additionally, you can tour it certain days or ascend its tower if desired.

Those interested in history will love visiting the Archaeological Museum of Frankfurt. With an expansive selection of ancient treasures from Roman cities Nida and Corinth, it makes for a fantastic day trip if visiting Frankfurt with family or friends. Admission is free; just bring water and snacks with you to stay hydrated and avoid stomach issues on your trip! Additionally, wear comfortable shoes and bring sunscreen if possible.


Palmengarten, situated in the center of Frankfurt, is one of its primary attractions. This botanical garden hosts an assortment of exotic and rare species from all around the world, as well as themed gardens and greenhouses. Opened in 1871, this garden is currently Germany’s largest botanical garden of its type – located conveniently nearby is Goethe University’s former Biology Department whose gardens now belong to Palmengarten as its current owner.

Visitors to this 22 hectare garden will spend many pleasant hours discovering its abundance of exotic plants and trees, paths, deckchairs, botanical treasures like rose gardens, bamboo groves and rock gardens – not forgetting spring and fall when its beauty truly shines through! Open year round but especially magnificent during these times.

The Palm House stands as the centerpiece of this garden, constructed shortly after the park first opened its doors in 1871. Founded by Heinrich Siesmayer as a haven for exotic plants and providing society members a place to gather. As well as Washingtonia palms and Chamaedoria varieties, Washingtonian betel nut palms, betel nut Chamaedoria palms as well as tree ferns can all be found within this greenhouse space.

Recent years, the garden has also welcomed an exciting children’s playground and water play area for children of all ages, featuring Vortex Bamboo Line to offer low-flow aquatic experience without getting submerged. Surrounded by lush greenery and natural features, the play area provides welcome relief from Frankfurt’s busy streets.

Palmengarten in Frankfurt is an ideal spot for both relaxation and shopping; just a short distance away are Romerberg Square, St Bartholomew’s Cathedral, and Zeil shopping street – not to mention Frankfurt being well-connected to other European countries through convenient transportation options for all travelers.