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Plan on Traveling with dogs & Cats: 7 important tips for your vacation

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Would you like to travel with your dog or cat? Then you will find the most important tips and information here – what you should consider, what special features there are with the means of transport and much more. If interested to find out why my dog poop smells like dead animal

1. Label and register

If you are bringing your pet with you on holiday, please make sure they are properly tagged – legible harness tags, microchip and tattoo can help identify animals that have accidentally been separated from their families.

For example, the free registration of the dog in a pet registry such as “Tasso” should be essential for every responsible dog lover. Using the chip number, a lost four-legged friend can usually be quickly returned to its owner. Also, you should also have a photo in your wallet to show people in case your pet gets lost.

2. EU Pet Passport

All important vaccinations, the chip number and the address of the dog owner are noted in the dog’s personal ID. This ID card is essential, especially for trips across the German border.

3. First aid kit

The first-aid kit is also one of the important preparations for a holiday with a dog or cat. Should not be missing: disinfectants for wounds, bandages, tick tweezers, herbal diarrhea, calcium ampoules (against allergies and insect bites) and a wound and healing ointment. Get advice from your vet beforehand.

4. Protection against diseases

To ensure that the dog is protected from dangerous diseases, dog owners should contact a veterinarian before the holiday and inform them about the destination. Please also note the current entry requirements for your animal companion.

5. On-site veterinarian

The address of the nearest veterinary clinic at your holiday destination should also be included in your luggage. In an emergency, action can be taken quickly.

6. Means of transport

As you know, how you travel is a matter of taste and not least depends on the distance to the travel destination. Nevertheless, as a dog or cat owner, you should definitely consider which means of transport is most suitable for your four-legged friend. Airplanes, cars and trains are not always ideal for every animal roommate.

Travel by plane

Flying on vacation with a dog or cat is entirely possible. Most airlines allow animals weighing less than eight kilograms to be carried on board in a transport bag. Heavier animals can travel in a transport box in the air-conditioned cargo hold of the aircraft.

Since the animals there are completely on their own and the flight is usually associated with stress and fear for them, you should think carefully about whether a flight with a dog or cat is really necessary.

Traveling by car

Traveling by car is many times more relaxed for most animals than traveling by plane. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to a few things to make the trip as pleasant as possible for your animal family member.

Sufficient breaks, plenty to drink, anti-nausea remedies, transport boxes for cats – this makes the journey more pleasant for people and animals.

7. If you cannot take your animal with you

Even if your companion animal doesn’t leave your side as soon as you leave the house, many animals are not suitable for travel. So if you decide not to take your pet with you for good reason, it is important to make sure that it is safe and well cared for at home.

Please choose your pet sitter very carefully and ask for references from strangers – you should definitely check them! Local animal shelters often have a list of addresses of good, certified pet sitters.

Another possibility to safely accommodate your four-legged friend are dog boarding houses and dog hotels. Here dogs can have a great time with other dogs while you travel. Here, too, a review of the selected pension is essential!

We wish you and your animal roommate a relaxed and restful holiday!