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Super Easy Ways to Learn Everything About Custom T-shirt

If you’re looking to customize your own t-shirt, the possibilities are seemingly endless. There’s no shortage of places where you can get one printed, but if you want to learn how it all works from start to finish and avoid any pitfalls along the way, then this guide cetak baju for you!

The first step in making your own custom t-shirt is choosing the design.

The first step in making your own custom t-shirt is choosing the design. You want to make sure that the design is something you can wear with pride and that it fits with who you are as a person.

Here are some tips for choosing the right design:

  • Choose something relevant to your interests. If you love science fiction, then get a shirt with some awesome spaceships on it! Your passion will shine through every time someone sees it, so make sure they know what drives your heart!
  • Make sure the message is clear without being too loud or obnoxious it’s not about trying just saying something funny; it’s about being able to express yourself through what others see as well-made clothing items (and not just random scribbles).

Then you can move on to the fabric and other details.

If you’ve decided to print custom t shirt printing Malaysia, then there are a few things that you need to consider. The first thing is the fabric. You should choose high quality fabrics, because they will make your t-shirts last longer and look better.

The second thing is choosing your printer carefully. There are many different types of printers out there, but they all have their pros and cons; it’s up to you as the customer which one suits your needs best!

Once these two things have been taken care of (and if necessary), then it’s time for other details such as paper choice and design selection these two may seem insignificant but they actually play an important role in how well people respond when seeing your printed designs!

You can also order stickers, phone cases, mugs and more.

Stickers are a great way to show your support for a cause or business. They’re also an easy way to promote yourself or your brand on the go! Phone cases help keep your phone safe from damage while displaying the world how awesome you are with the sticker of choice on it. Mugs are another favorite among customers because they allow them to showcase their personality through customized designs and drinking coffee out of a cool mug makes everyone feel better about themselves (even if it’s just for that moment).

If you want the process to be as simple as possible.

If you want the process to be as simple as possible, then you can use a website like or to order from thousands of pre-existing designs or create your own from scratch.

Choose a design that you like and choose the size, color and quantity of the shirts that you would like to order. If you want to make your own design on the computer first, here are some tips:

  • Use vector graphics software programs such as Adobe Illustrator (the industry standard) or CorelDRAW (a more affordable alternative). These programs allow users to draw smooth lines without pixelation when enlarged or printed at high resolutions such as those used by print-on-demand services like those mentioned above.

After that, all you need is a printer and some clothing for printing on!

The first step is finding out what kind of clothing works best with your printer. This can be done by looking at what others have printed on before and seeing if they recommend certain brands or types of shirts over others. You can also ask around in groups or forums where people talk about making their own custom t-shirts online, as well as checking out reviews online from other customers who have used these services before!

Once you’ve chosen a type of shirt that works well with your printer, it’s time for some practice runs! Printing on practice shirts will allow for any mistakes made during setup (and trust me: there will be mistakes) so when everything goes smoothly during production day later down the line there won’t be any surprises waiting around corner either.

It’s possible to print custom shirts at home with just a little bit of know-how (and the right tools).

There are a few things you need before you can start printing custom shirts at home. You’ll need a printer and some clothing to print on, which could be as simple as an inkjet printer and t-shirts from your local thrift store. The more expensive option would be buying a professional-grade garment printer that can handle larger orders.

The second thing you’ll need is access to designs that are ready for printing–and lots of them! If you’re looking for something specific or unique, there are websites like or where thousands of pre-existing designs are available for purchase at affordable prices (starting at around $20).


We hope that by now you’re feeling more confident about your ability to create custom t-shirts. We know it can seem like a lot of steps and a lot of information, but trust us: once you get started, the process is pretty easy! You don’t need any special tools or materials other than an inkjet printer (which we highly recommend), some fabric dye or bleach and some clothing to print on. If you want help choosing colors or deciding on designs, check out our tips for choosing a good design template here.